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Con Questa privacy statement

We use this Privacy Statement to explain how we handle (your) personal data. Just as for its own services, Con Questa observes the highest standards for the processing of the personal data of its clients. Con Questa processes personal data only insofar as you have given explicit permission for this, or when this is necessary for the performance of the agreement concluded between you and Con Questa, or when Con Questa has a legitimate interest to do so based on statutory provisions.

Con Questa will always remove the personal data once these no longer need to be processed. As a result, the processing of personal data by Con Questa is kept to an absolute minimum. Con Questa will never share your personal data with third parties of its own accord, except in the circumstances described in this Privacy Statement.

Do you have any questions after reading this Privacy Statement? Or do you want to know which of your personal data Con Questa has in its possession, or would you like to have these removed or transferred? You can submit your request to: finance@con-questa.com.

Con Questa:
The private company with limited liability “Conciërge Netherlands B.V.”, trading as: “Con Questa”, established at Prof. J.H. Bavincklaan 2 in (1183 AT) in Amstelveen (CoC: 58606424), acting as the responsible party for the implementation of this policy and as controller of the Personal Data.

Personal Data: All data with which a person can be identified.
Privacy Statement: The policy of Con Questa concerning the processing of Personal Data as described in this document.
Website: The Con Questa Website at www.con-questa.com.
Services: The services (to be) provided by Con Questa.

What data do we process?
Con Questa processes the following Personal Data (as supplied by you):

Contact details: name, e-mail address, telephone number, and address details;
Identifying details: date of birth, place of birth, identity document number – if you must be identified for the purpose of the Service.
Payment details: credit card number, expiry date, CVC – when a payment transaction to Con Questa must take place;
Digital data: IP address, location, Wi-Fi network – as shared by our device or web browser when you visit the Website.

You are not required to share these data with us. However, you may sometimes be required to share certain Personal Data with us to enable us to provide the requested Services.

What do we use your data for?
The Personal Data received by Con Questa are (exclusively) used to:

  • provide the Services as agreed with Con Questa and/or to implement the agreement concluded between you and Con Questa;
  • carry out a financial transaction;
  • keep you informed about the range offered by Con Questa by sending a (news)letter, provided you have given explicit permission for this;
  • contact you in response to a question or request;
  • comply with statutory obligations, such as the obligation to keep proper records (invoicing).

How long do we retain your data?
The Personal Data are not retained any longer than (i) necessary for the provision of the Services by Con Questa, or (ii) the period during which Con Questa is legally required to retain the Personal Data. Your Personal Data will be removed after this. Con Questa has adopted the following periods in this respect:

  • Personal Data provided by you for the purpose of a Service: six months after the Service was provided, except if there is a statutory obligation to keep records (7 years);
  • Personal Data provided by you in relation to a question or request: fourteen days after your question has been answered or your request has been fulfilled;
  • Personal Data provided by you through your device when visiting the Website: within one year after receipt;
  • Personal Data provided by you with permission to use these to keep you informed of the Services provided by Con Questa: until you revoke this permission.

With whom will your Personal Data be shared?
Con Questa will never share your Personal Data with third parties, unless this is necessary for the performance of the agreement concluded with you for the provision of the Services. This includes Personal Data that are required to purchase services or products from third parties based on your orders, or to carry out your payment transaction to Con Questa.

An overview of the Personal Data we provide for the purpose of our Services has been set out below:

  • Event organising: only your (last) name;
  • Experiences: only your (last) name;
  • Fine dining: only your (last) name;
  • PA services: only your (last) name;
  • Entertainment: only your (last) name;
  • Travel: your Personal Data and Identifying Details.

These data will (only) be shared with the third party who contributes to the provision of the Service for the benefit of Con Questa. These Personal Data may only be used by this third party for the purpose of the Service provided by Con Questa. Con Questa will conclude agreements concerning the Personal Data with these third parties.

If a reservation must be confirmed for the purchase of the Services, Con Questa will confirm this reservation using its own payment methods. Con Questa will not share your Payment Details with third parties.

Con Questa will share your Contact Details, Payment Details, and a description or attribute of the provided Services with your payment service provider for the purpose of the payment transactions. This payment service provider may only process these data to carry out and register the payment.

Con Questa makes use of ‘Alice GoConcierge LLC’ (hereinafter referred to as: “Alice”) for the provision of its Services. Your Contact Details will be shared with Alice to keep records of the Services. The same requirements as those set out in this Privacy Policy will be imposed on Alice using a (processor) agreement. If you make use of the Alice application yourself, you can accept the Privacy Statement of Alice yourself before sharing Personal Data with Alice.

What cookies do we use?
Cookies are tiny text files that are automatically downloaded to your computer, tablet, or mobile telephone when you visit our Website. We are not always able to identify you directly using cookies.

Some cookies require permission. We will ask you for this permission using a pop-up window. You can withdraw your permission at any time. These are solely analytical cookies (Google) in our case. We use this information to prepare reports, to test the Website, and to improve our Website by monitoring its use. These cookies gather information, for example about the number of visits per page, the duration of the visits, and how often a particular link is clicked.

What rights do you have?
You have the following rights with respect to your Personal Data:

  • requesting your Personal Data from Con Questa;
  • supplementing or changing your Personal Data if these are incorrect or incomplete;
  • requesting the removal of your Personal Data; and
  • requesting the transfer of your Personal Data to a third party;
  • you can send a request to finance@con-questa.com for this purpose.

Con Questa will respond to your request within fourteen (14) days. Con Questa cannot remove the data if it is required by law to keep the data of which the Personal Data are part. This applies (inter alia) with respect to the record-keeping obligations of Con Questa.

How are your Personal Data secured?
Con Questa takes both technical and organisational measures to protect the Personal Data of its clients against loss, manipulation, unauthorised access, etc. All data are transmitted in an encrypted form to make credit card payments to Con Questa as secure as possible. This means that the data are transmitted using a secure connection, and that credit card data cannot be accessed by external parties.

Con Questa will immediately report a possible Personal Data breach, for example through hacking and/or theft, to the authorities and the relevant data subject.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy
Con Questa reserves all rights to (unilaterally) amend this Privacy Policy or to update it whenever Con Questa deems appropriate or necessary in relation to changes to relevant legislation, regulations, or business requirements, or to meet the needs of our clients. Amended versions will be published on the Website and given a date of publication to ensure you can always verify when the Privacy Policy was last updated.


Version: 2023

Con Questa Privacy Statement [2023]