With Taste of Con Questa we create exclusive packages with products selected together with our trusted partners. You can think of carefully chosen wines, spirits (from vodkas to whiskeys) and of course Champagnes, as well as beautiful high quality fresh fish and meat products. In addition, we can include culinary-related products such as cigars, porcelain and glassware.

Do you want to discover new flavours and concepts, are you looking for the finest products to complement the celebration of a special occasion or would you like to surprise your loved ones, colleagues or business associates? We enjoy creating a true epicurean lifestyle. Trust the Taste of Con Questa!

Schmidt Zeevis

Schmidt Zeevis has been a household name in the culinary Netherlands for over 100 years and therefore supplies almost all leading chefs, catering establishments, etc.

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A carefree Summer or Winter barbecue at home?  Meatlovers has put together various good quality meat packages. All you have to do is make sure

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Résidence Wijnen

We enjoy creating a true epicurean lifestyle. One of the most important things in life is to celebrate beautiful moments. How to do this betterthan

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House of Caviar

House of Caviar has been a household name in the Netherlands foryears and produces, imports and distributes caviar. House of Caviarhas been supplying renowned top

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Voor ons is excellente service een noodzakelijke voorwaarde voor een uitzonderlijke beleving. Daarom werken wij dagelijks aan excellente processen, service en resultaten om te voldoen aan de specifieke wensen en behoeften van onze members.