As the capital of Japan, Tokyo is a must-visit. Walking around Tokyo is an experience that is impossible to describe in just a few words. As largest city in the world, it has plenty to discover. It’s futuristic because of the constant developments, culinary due to the many izakayas, and cultural thanks to the temples and palaces. Tokyo has it all!

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Mount Koya

Where most people think of Mount Fuji, we would like to introduce you to Mount Koya; a spiritual place where you can encounter the rich history of the Japanese culture. Mount Koya was the birthplace of Shingon Buddhism and is nowadays one of Japan’s most sacred sites. The beautiful temples (tip: stay 1 or 2 nights in a temple to enjoy the full experience), cemeteries and traditional monks that walk around give you a special insight into the Japanese culture.


Food lovers cannot skip Japan’s second city, Osaka. As the birthplace of many famous Japanese dishes combined with various (Michelin star) restaurants and food markets, you have plenty to
discover in this bustling city!


Not far from Kyoto and Osaka you will find the much smaller former capital, Nara. Nara is best known for the Todaj-ji; the largest wooden temple in the world and the Kasuga-taisha temple, which is extra special to visit when the famous lanterns are lit during the biennial Mantoro Festival.

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Experience Kyoto; a grand city where serenity prevails. While Tokyo is an obvious metropolis, in Kyoto you are among the historic districts with low buildings and narrow streets where cars cannot
enter. The traditional, centuries-old temples, beautiful gardens, red lanterns and mountains in the background give the city a peaceful appearance.

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