About us

Con Questa was founded September 10th, 2008 as the very first Concierge & Lifestyle Service in the Netherlands. Founder Patrick Smit started his career in the early 1990s as a hotel concierge at one of the leading five-star hotels in Amsterdam. He noticed that numerous regular hotel guests contacted him with various requests, even when they were not staying at the hotel anymore.

This is how Con Questa was found. A concierge & lifestyle service for a select group of members that provides access to infinite possibilities, all over the world. Patrick built an unparalleled and international network whilst working in luxury hospitality, which enabled him to bring all of the members’ requests to an absolute success.

Janneke Palmen joined Con Questa in 2010. After only a few years it became evident that her background is hospitality, combined with a Master of Finance was the perfect fit for the dynamic company. Janneke is co-owner of Con Questa since 2013.

The name Con Questa was found in the two inseparable words “Question” and “Concierge”. To this day, Patrick and his growing team always have an answer or solution for all questions and queries that members bring to their attention. “Con” comes from the word “Concierge” and “Questa” from “Question” and “Answer’.

Over the years, we started organising more and more events for our members. From an intimate dinner at home to a birthday celebration for 100 people overseas. That is how Con Questa Events was found. Companies of all sizes rely on the expertise of our specialised team. Learn more about our event production services here.

The logo symbolises the core values of Con Questa: excellence, passion, integrity, co-operation and full-service.

For us, excellent service is an essential prerequisite for an exceptional experience, which is why we keep working on excellent processes, services and results on a daily basis to meet the specific wishes and needs of our members

Based on our belief and love for exceptional services, experiences and satisfaction, we handle every project with enthusiasm and passion.

Handling personal or sensitive information with utmost care is very important to us. In addition, we always honour our commitments, agreements and obligations.

Co-operating is one of the keys to undeniable success. Our team works closely together to ensure the perfect offer. In addition, our carefully selected network of partners ensures quality, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We take as much off of our members hands as possible to help them achieve their goals. By proactively thinking along, our members save valuable time and are always provided with expert advice.

Voor ons is excellente service een noodzakelijke voorwaarde voor een uitzonderlijke beleving. Daarom werken wij dagelijks aan excellente processen, service en resultaten om te voldoen aan de specifieke wensen en behoeften van onze members.