Con Questa’s Choices August 11, 2020 Basel is Switzerland’s third-most-populous city and known for its many museums, as almost 40 museums make it the city with the highest density of museums in Switzerland. The city of arts also has a rich culture and offers a wealth of surprises. Read on to learn more about why […]


Con Questa’s Choices August 2nd, 2020 Located just a 5-hour drive from Amsterdam, you will find Germany’s second-largest city: Hamburg. Hamburg is a very open and international city and the diversity is also reflected in the city’s culinary landscape. Looking for more reasons to visit the city? The many green spaces offer tranquillity after your […]


Con Questa’s Choices July 24, 2020 Stay close to home this summer and unwind in the beautiful city of Maastricht. A fun, historical city full of art and culture. Rather visit nature? The city is surrounded by hills and nature as well! TO STAY Our favourite hotels in the south of Limburg are the historical […]


Con Questa’s Choices July 17, 2020  Berlin still is the most popular destination for a city trip in Germany. And for good reason, it is a thriving city with impressive architecture. The fall of the Berlin wall caused an interesting mix of old and modern, which really characterises the city. The unique history keeps fascinating […]

Job Smeltzer

Con Questa’s Choices July 16, 2020 Despite to what most people might think, Job Smeltzer sees himself not only as DJ La Fuente, but much more as an entrepreneurial artist. “I am Job, and Job is an entrepreneur. The company that I have is La Fuente, La Fuente is my business and my branding and I […]


Con Questa’s Choices July 13, 2020  Cartagena is one of the most popular destinations in Colombia. The city has both a modern part on the Caribbean coast and a beautiful, attractive and colorful historic center. A good atmosphere and Cartagena are inseparable. It is the perfect destination for both culture and luxury. TO STAY The […]

Saint Barth

Con Questa’s Choices July 7, 2020  Saint Barth is one of the Caribbean Islands and the holiday destination for many celebrities. Saint Barths has got it all! Beautiful blue sea water, white beaches, the best possibilities for diving or snorkeling, lots of designer boutiques, a port with beautiful yachts and lots of champagne! A true […]


Con Questa’s Choices June 25, 2020  Mykonos has been attractive for the jetset for many years and this is not going to get any different anytime soon. The island is perfect for anyone who loves a good party. But also if you are seeking for beautiful and hip white beaches, a wonderful climate and an […]


Con Questa’s Choices June 19, 2020 Ibiza is known as the party Island of Europe. During the Ibiza Party Season, which is form May untill October, the best dj’s of the world come to this beautiful Island to perform. But not only the party’s make Ibiza one of our favorite destination, Ibiza is also the […]


Con Questa’s Choices June 12, 2020 Bali has everything when it comes to luxury, nature and culture. The Indonesian island has beautiful resorts where you will have everything you desire and have endless possibilities to unwind. But this luxury is not the only thing that Bali has to offer. Bali has a unique culture that […]