Job Smeltzer

Con Questa’s Choices July 16, 2020

Despite to what most people might think, Job Smeltzer sees himself not only as DJ La Fuente, but much more as an entrepreneurial artist. “I am Job, and Job is an entrepreneur. The company that I have is La Fuente, La Fuente is my business and my branding and I am the executive person in that company. The difference between me and other entrepreneurs is that I am physically my own product, and that is very cool! ” Job is an entrepreneur, coach, ‘car freak’, epicurean and a true enthusiast; which is hard not to notice.

Three years ago, Job Smeltzer came into contact with Con Questa through the owner of Friends of the Brands, Dionne Schulf. “I needed tickets for Formula 1 and I needed someone who could arrange this from the inside. I approached Dionne (she connects with brands through her company) and she told me about Con Questa. I immediately contacted Con Questa and indicated that sometimes I need things last-minute. I am a very busy person, but I am also someone who likes everything to be well-organised; whether it’s a hotel or a surprise. I am a real control freak, but also a perfectionist. In my schedule there is rarely room to do things myself, I can come up with the ideas, but in order to implement it, I need a partner who has the right network, can implement my ideas and thereby completely takes my worries away.” This is the most important value that Con Questa has for Job. “A good example was when I approached Con Questa to arrange something for my manager who celebrated his birthday in Ibiza, I asked if they could make a reservation at a nice restaurant and pay in advance. I would obviously never be able to do that myself, but Con Questa can! My manager was picked up with a car, a cock- tail was waiting for him, the bill was paid and he was also brought back with a car. That is an idea that I have, I ask Con Questa, proposals are made and it is settled. Where others may say, “We’ll have a look,” Con Questa immediately says, “We’ll arrange that,” I just know it will be alright with Con Questa!”

“One of my most memorable requests is with Con Questa is that when my best friend ran the New York Marathon a few years ago, Con Questa could fulfill a special request for me. I wanted to organise a welcome package in her hotel room with fruit, flowers and a handwritten card in Dutch. My friend’s response was “Wow how did you manage to arrange a handwritten card, in Dutch?!” This really impressed me and reassured me that Con Questa is the right partner for me!”

When we asked whether Job Smeltzer would recommend Con Questa to others, his answer was a convinced “yes”. “Con Questa opens doors for you, and they take away my worries. For me, a calm head and a bigger network are worth a lot. I appreciate that when I send a WhatsApp to the team of Con Questa with my request, the request is with them and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Through them I have access to a large network with expertise. It’s just: typing, sending and then it’s their thing!”

Due to his growing career, Job Smeltzer expects to use Con Questa even more in the future. “I think that as an artist I am going more and more international, so I will go to more places where I am not at home. In the Netherlands or Barcelona, for example, you don’t have to tell me where to go. But if, for example, I am in Tokyo for a few days, I will use Con Questa to inform me about the highlights. In summary, I think I will use Con Questa more as a sounding board to make the short trips more interesting.”

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