Con Questa’s Choices June 12, 2020

Bali has everything when it comes to luxury, nature and culture. The Indonesian island has beautiful resorts where you will have everything you desire and have endless possibilities to unwind. But this luxury is not the only thing that Bali has to offer. Bali has a unique culture that you can experience everywhere on the island and there is an abundance of beautiful nature to admire. 


Bali knows many beautiful resorts that we can recommend, but COMO Uma Canggu and Conrad Bali are definitely in our top. Luxury resort COMO Uma Canggu is situated on the south coast and offers a stylish accommodation, exceptional cuisine, wellness and incredible hospitality. Conrad Bali is the ultimate Tropical Beach Resort and has, just like COMO Uma Canggu, everything you wish for.


We love that Bali has all the cuisine you could wish for. Try Nook for breakfast, a lovely spot in between the rice fields. Or experience an unforgettable culinary adventure at Locavore in Ubud; modern cuisine with only the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Or enjoy some delicious seafood at Jimbaran Beach, while watching the sunset.


We listed our favourite activities: visit the Tegalalang rice fields, Monkey Forest and discover Jungle Fish; an infinitypool in the middle of the jungle. Take a boat to Nusa Penida or the Gili Islands. And if you don’t mind to be active in the early morning, climb the Batur volcano to watch the sunrise!

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